The Recordshop EP

by Allsincere

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This is Sincere's second EP! The Recordshop is a joint venture between the rapartist Sincere and the beatcreator D.Branda. The cd is a feelgood hiphop and funk crossover. Really taking you back to the seventies with oldskool samples from Gill Scott Heron and Angela Bofill.


released December 19, 2009

lyrics by: Sincere
produced & mixed by: D.Branda
recorded at: Studio West



all rights reserved


Allsincere Utrecht

artist | teacher | writer | dreamer

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Track Name: Opening the Shop
It's that modern day getaway//
like Otis Redding sitting on the dock of the bay//
you said Mid-town now your dealing with me//
I got the Sun, Twinsize is back and Shug makes three//
Den B. waddup! i guess it's,
up to us to show these lil cat's how it's done//
the door is now open, come inside//
search and find we got whatever you want//
S Dub waddup! much love to you,
for supporting the dude//
about to take it to another level and your coming with//
who can ever stop the kid when he rocks like this//
I love it when a plan comes together//
and eventhough we went through some bad weather//
i'll always count on you to be my umbrella//
ella ella, i just want to be a goodfella//
Mac told me not to push too hard//
be more like mister Pink,
so i try to keep my reserve just like a dog//
i'm just a grown man playing my part//
while you linger on that last metaphor//
Now you can't ignore anymore cuz the proof is here//
together with the bassdrum kick and snare//
as the fantastic four bring the seventies back//
what else did you expect!!//
Track Name: Did it again
Verse 01:
Midtowns best back up in the booth bebe//
lucious lyrics leaking nicely from my lips lately//
wordplay is of the chart from the start//
i just give you these bars that put you all in ahhhhh//
no respons is needed//
i shine so bright, from the back they see it//
the crowd gets hype cuz they couldn't believe it//
he takes a tungtalent and uniquely tweaks it//
into a profit he wont drop like stock tips//
cuz he is in line with that hot shit//
in tune you can check it on your itunes player//
Sdot is a dope rhyme sayer, yeah//
so jiggy with it mayn i'm just playing//
unless you pay um right//
cash rules money talks//
but for me it sings songs like//

i did it once
then i did it twice
i breath upon a track then i gave it life
midtown on my back got um singing like

Verse 02:
i show you what's really good//
it's nothing new i was born with this attitude, dude//
it's that one man band that will cross lands//
with a mic in hand you can follow him//
wildbunch represent it's that new twinsize//
native sun raise your hand to the sky//
I, reminisce about the times that we spent in TAI//
and the times that the music died//
but i bring revival, like postmen second album//
what's the outcome? sin got the city behind him//
hear them: U DID IT AGAIN!//
is what they say and it's heartfelt//
in other words your love keeps me up like a tight belt//
and i return the love//
cuz when i say twinsize i'm talking about all of us//

i did it once
then i did it twice
i breath upon a track then i gave it life
midtown on my back got um singing like
Track Name: Interlude 01
Roll with the punches
what goes around always comes back around//
my friends the time is now//
take responsability for your actions//
how you gon' make a profit if you lack sense/cents//
how you gon' be a father if you don't care//
how you gon' be a father if your not there//
Fatherless sons run around heartless//
mama did all she could but poppa should've thought us//
make no mistake we can break that cycle//
whatever it takes that the code for survival//
it's a jungle out there these monsters out to get you//
and hurt you one big F you to all you//
looking for spoils jewels and cars like it's a life cause//
No respect anymore even ladies are lost//
Love yourself before boys get your paper right//
keep your family tight, stand on your own two
and everything is gon' be alright//
and that's real talk!
Track Name: Fastlane
Track Name: Interlude 02
Track Name: Losing track of time
Track Name: Take you there